I have seventeen Europe (four CIB, Deluxe Set CIB),
one USA, main units, many power adapters, many
controllers, many Zappers, four Game Genies (one
CIB, one SW), four Four Score Adapters, Nes Satellite
(CIB), Fitness Center (CIB), Drawer, Advantage joystick,
Nes Mas controller, Zinger joystic, Mouse, Quickjoy
joystick,Nintendo Gamebox, Two Nes cleaning kit (both
are CIB), Super Converter, Gamekey Adaptor (CIB),
Nintendo Double Player Wireless Head-to-head
System (CIB) and Power Glove (US, CIB).


type game console
country Japan
year 1986
os Nintendo
cpu 8bit 6502
speed 1.66 MHz
ram 2 KB (16kbit)
rom game cartridge
graphic 256 x 240
colors 52 (25)
sound PSG
ports cartridge slot, controller ports (2),
stereo A/V, RF


Nintendo was my second game console :).


Nintendo oli toinen pelikonsoli, jonka omistin aikoinaan :).


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