• Commodore 16

    Commodore 16

    Commodore 1341 joystick (CIB)
    Commodore 1341 joystick (L)

    Commodore 16 User Manual
    Commodore 1531 Datassette User’s Guide

    Software Starter Pack (Shoot-it, Munch-it, Climb-it, Hoppit) T CIB
    Five Star games pack T CIB
    10 Computer hits 3 pack T CIB
    Pirate Adventure C L
    Atomic Mission C CIB
    Viduzzles C CIB

  • IBM DOS 3.3 3.5″ and 5.25″ Diskettes

    IBM DOS 3.3 3.5″ and 5.25″ Diskettes

  • Sharp MZ-800

    Sharp MZ-800 + Sharp MZ-1E19 Disk Interface and Sharp MZ-1F11 Disk Drive.

    Sharp MZ-800 Omistajan käsikirja
    MZ-800 Tecnical Reference Manual

    Basic 5Z-009 MZ-800 / MZ-800 Utilities D L
    Basic 5Z-008 MZ-700 / MZ-800 Application D L
    Basic 1Z016 MZ-800 / Basic 1Z013 MZ-700 T L
    3-D Way Out, Superbiorythm., Data Universal / Battle-bas, Mog Mog.bas D L
    10 Plays for MZ-700 T L
    Account Management Address Data T L