Vuoden 2006 hankinnat

Commodore Amiga 4000/030. Thanks to Lasse, I got the Amiga 4000, finally :).

Nintendo Computer Mah-jong Yakuman

Atari Pong

Nintendo 64 games: Starshot space circus fever, S.C.A.R.S and Turok rage wars (all are SW). Nintendo Gameboy color games: Pokemon trading card game and Alice in wonderland (bith are WS).Nintendo Gameboy Advance game: Top Gear GT championship (SW).

Microsoft Xbox games: NHL 2005, Rogue ops and RallySport challenge (all are CIB). Microsoft
Xbox360 game: NHL 07 (CIB).

Game machines in Teneriffa (Spain) / pelikoneita Espanjassa Teneriffalla.

Greetings from Game Park Barcelona / terveisiä Barcelonan Game Park:sta.

Bandai/Apple Pippin @World -game console.

Sony PSP UMD movies: Cheaper by the dozen, Chain reaction, I robot, Ice age, Independence
day, Mr & mrs Smith, Kingdom of heaven, Transporter, Aliens, Robots, Garfield,
Speed, Day after tomorrow and Behind enemy lines (all are CIB).

Atari 400/600/800 cartridge games: Tennis, Galaxian and Defender (all are L). Mattel
Intellivision games: Nova blast, Buzz bomber, Master of the universe, Safecracker,
white water and Garnival (all are L).

Radofin tele-sports mini. Another Spectravideo X´press.

Added scans of Spectravideo brochures and tariff. Lisätty skannauksia Spectravideo
katalogeista ja hinnastoista. Two Commodore VIC VG-200AQ joysticks. Four Spectravideo

I got big bunch of Spectravideo stuff. Thanks a lot for donator, Pentti Kanerva. Sain lahjoituksena ison määrän Spectravideo tavaraa. kiitos kovasti lahjoittajalle Pentti Kanervalle!

Sony Playstation games: Wild 9, Resident evil 3 and Circuit breakers (all are CIB). Sony
Playstation 2 game: Strike force bowling (SW). Nintendo Gamecube games: Carmen Sandiago
the secret of the stolen drums and XGRA (Both are SW). Microsoft Xbox games: Grand
theft auto III (CIB), Bloodrayne 2 and Mojo (both are SW).

Yamaha Music Computer CX5MII/128 with MSX Academy slot expander, floppydisk interface
(FD-051) and floppydisk (FD-05).

Sony PSP: WipEout pure, Ridge racer, World tour soccer, MediEvil: resurrection, Everybody’s
golf and Tony Hawk’s underground 2 (all are CIB).
Microsoft Xbox360: Dead or alive 4 and Project Gotham racing 3 (both are CIB).
PC: Medal of honor and Medal of honor pacific assault (both are CIB).

PC games: Nexagon deathmatch, Paradise cracked, Sub command,Combat mission 2, IL2
forgotten battles, Flight sim compilation (all six are CIB), Miami vice, Nightstone,
Warlords battlecry II and Indy car series (all four are SW).

Nokia phone list updated.

Amstrad CPC -games: Tombstowne, Galactic plague, Admiral graf gpee, Rolands in the ropes, Haunted
hedges, Fantastic voyage, Fruit machine, Easy-amsword, Into oblivion, Forest at worlds end,
Gems of stradus, Bridge-it, Oh mummy, Gauntlet the deeper dungeons, Gunstar, Timeman
one, Alien break-in, Roland in time, Xanagrams, Harrier attack, Sultan’s maze,
Animal vegetable mineral and Ariwolf (all are CIB).

* I have now over 100 Amstrad games *

Philips Videopac C7010 chess module.

Saitel Kasparov chess shadow.

Amstrad CPC -games: Roland in the caves, Centre court,Gilbert escape from drill, Spitfire
40, Jaws, Skweek, Turbo esprit, Gladiator, Ping pong (all are CIB), Navy moves and
Braxx bluff (both are SW).

Sony Playstation games: Apocalypse, Rc revenge, Nuclear strike, Resident evil 2, Quake II,
Project overkill, Metal gear solid and Blood omen: legacy of kain (all are CIB).

Atari Super Pong.

Atari Super Pong and Micro-Professor before/after cleaning pictures.

Atari 2600 games: Football, Starmaster, Space shuttle, Spider fighter, Boxing, Swordquest,
Tennis, Realsport soccer, Realsport football, Air sea battle, Super football, Grand prix,
Surround, Enduro, Oink, Video pinball, Garnoval, Tomcat, Crystal castles, Sorcerer’s
apprentice, Dark chambers, Gangster alley, Cross force, Planet Patrol, Basketball,
Trick shot, Cosmic ark, Amidar, Spider-man and Tutankham (all are L).

Nintendo Super Nes Super Advantage joystick.

PC game controllers: Gravis GamePad, MS SideWinder Game Pad Pro, MS SideWinder Dual Strike,
MS SideWinder Freestyle Pro, MS SideWinder Force Feedback Wheel and MS SideWinder Force
Feedback Pro.

Sporty’s E6B Flight Computer.

Canon Palmtronic LE-10 calculator from 1972.

Nintendo Gameboy Advance Wireless adapter and AGB-005 cable.

Ten Yamaha MSX’s music programs: Keyboard chord progression (B), Guitar chord master,
96 synthesizer & sound effect, RX editor, Voicing program, FM voicing program, FM music
composer, FM music macro, DX9 voicing program and DX7 voicing program (all are SW).

Nokia Internet Table 770.

PC’s games: Fire chief, Devastation resistance breeds, Monster truck fury, Punic wars
celtic kings, Lord of rings war of the ring, Casino inc., Deer hunter 2005 season,
Fame academy, Economic war, Time od defiance, Serious Sam II and Act of war (all are CIB).

Sinclair Spectrum’s games: Way of the tiger (CIB), Kung-fu master (CIB), Ghosts’s
goblins (LM) and Hero (LM).

Apple Power Machintosh 6100/66 (PC).

Commodore C16/Plus4 games: Reach for the sky, Runner, Shark, C16 compilation and
Storm (all are CIB).

Two IBM xSeries 330 server.

Microsoft Xbox games: Legacy of Kain defiance, Halo 2, Robocop, Aliens vs predator and
OutRun 2 (all are CIB).

Microsoft Xbox360 game: Perfect dark zero (CIB).

Sharp ZQ-650m electronic organizer.

Nintendo Gameboy Color (kiwi).

Nintendo Gameboy’s game: Q billion (B).

Nintendo Advance’s games: Denki blocks (SW), Tekken advance (CIB), Shaun Palmer’s pro
snowboarder (CIB).

Added Microsoft Xbox 360 pro with two wireless controller and wlan adapter.

Nintendo Super Famicom’s games: Europe sensen, Suin nihon pro wrestling, Namcot open, Shin mahjong, Kamaitachi no yoru, Dragon ball z, From tv animated slamdunk, Gundam f91, Sd gunjam gaiden 2, Super mahjong taikai, Shinri game, Drift king shutokon battle 2, Pachinko fun 2,
Super momotaro densetsu II, Super nobunaga no yobou busyo, Hole in one, Tsuri taro, Naruhodo
the world, Super fire prowrestling, Sargokushi IV (all are L).

Microsoft Xbox Starter kit.

Atari Jaguar USA (NTSC) -version.

Soundic Programmable SD-050 game console.

Sega Mega Drive’s games: Flintstones and Carfield caught in the act (both are CIB).

Nintendo 64’s game: Knife edge (CIB).

Nintendo Super Nes’s game: Arkanoid (SW).

Nintendo nes gamebox for 17 games.

Sharp IQ-8100m handheld computer.

NEC PC-Engine’s games: Galaga 88, P 47, the freedom fighter, Kung-fu,Pac-land,
Pro yakyun world stadium, Doraemon meikyu daisakusen, Volfie, Wonder momo, Dragon spirit,
Atomic robo-kid, Paranola, Final match tennis, Formation soccer, Wallaby, TV sport football, Pachiokun juban shobu, PC pachi-slot idol gambler, World beachvolley, Wataru keith Courage in alpha zones, Racing spirits, Operation wolf and Necromancer (all are L).

Nintendo Gameboy Advance games: Spiderman mysterio’s menace, Super street fighter II,
Rayman advance and Ecks sever (all are LM).

Nec PC-Engine’s games: Street fighter II, Mr heli, Barunba, Youkai douchuki,
Bravoman, Super momotaro turbo, Space harrier, Hani in the sky, Fighting run, Super
momotaro densetsu II, After burner II, F1 circus 91, Momotaro Densetsu II, Drop rock
hora hora, Super momotaro densetsu, Genpei Toumauen, Nectaris, Dungeon explorer, Power
league II and Surano o densetsu (all are CIB).

Nintendo Super Famicom with controller and power adapter.

Sony PSP’s game: Grand theft auto liberty city stories (CIB).

Sega Game Gear’s game: Sonic drift (L).

Nokia ngage’s game: Splinter cell team stealth action (CIB).

Apple Machintosh’s game: Spy hunter (SW)

Siera Videopac G7000.

Sony Playstation’s games: Tomb Raider II, Tomb Raider III, Thrasher: skate or destroy,
Cool Boarders 2, Die hard trilogy 2, Ötökän elämää, Hercules, Evo’s space adventures,
Fighting force 2, Sports car GT, Zero divide (all are CIB), Soviet Strike (B)
and Pandemonium (L).

Salora Fellow printer interface and 4 color printer.

Nec Pc Engine Core Grafx game console with one controller.

Nintendo Gameboy Micro USB Power charge cable.

Sharp IQ-7000 Time expense manager.

Nintendo Gameboy Color game link.

Sony Playstation 2 horizontal stand.

Sega SC3000’s programs: Mailing list and Sprite generator program (both are L).

Sinclair Timex 1000’s games: Grimm’s fairy trails, the loan/mortgage amortizer and Cube
game (all are CIB).

Nintendo GameBoy Micro, cool, small handheld game console.

Salora Fellows games and programs: Math fun 1, Math fun 2, Checker, Cosmic rescue, Tennis,
Key hinter, Hangman, Match-box, Crash, Statistics I, Statisrics II and Biorhythm
(all are CIB).

Nintendo NES’s games: Monster truck rally (L), Mission impossible (SW), R.C. Pro-am II,
Rescue the embassy mission, Wrath of the black manta and Sword master (all four are CIB).

Psion Revo handheld computer, released 1999.

Nintendo mini classics games; Carrera, Soccer and Super Mario bros.

Bunch of Nintendo Gameboy Advance 38 in 1 gamepackages.

PC’s games: Conquest: frontier wars, Starky & Hutch, Robin Hood: the legend of Sherwood,
No one lives for ever, Toca race driver and Giants: citizen kabuto (all are SW).

** I have over 300 PC games and programs **

Sony Playstation One with two controllers.

Timex Sinclair 1000.

Atari 2600’s games: 4 games in one, Missile command, Marineflieger and Atlantis (all are L).

Atari VCS-CX2600 released 1978 (”wood panel, six switches”).

Sharp PC-1251 pocket computer.

Milton Bradley Vectrex.

Added Nintendo Game Boy Advance’s games: Mario party advance (L), Pokemon Sapphire version
and Pokemon Rudy version (both are SW).

Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80 64K Color Computer 2.

Sony PSP’s accessories; Logitech cover, MadCatz cover, MadCatz headphone, 1 GB memory,
stick duo and MadCatz UMD covers.

Added Radofin 1392 game console.

Sony PSP’s games: Street showdown, SSX, on tour and Metal gear ac!d (all are CIB).

Sony PSP.

Conic TG-621 pong -system.

PC’s games: Rainbow six 3: raven shield, Serious Sam, Railroad tycoon 3, Rayman M, Joint operations: typhoon rising, Populous: the beginning, Need for speed: road challenge,
Andretti racing, Dune 2000, Clusterball and Tomb Raider: the angels of darkness (all are CIB).

Happy New Year 2006.
I have made little modifications, there is no more frames and typeface is changed to
the Courier New.

Philips VG-8235 MSX2.