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    Nintendo gameboy games: Game de hakken!! tamagocchi, Super robot taisen, Winners horse,
    Kingyo chuihou! wapikono, Chibi maruko-chan: maruko deluxe gekijou, Power pro gb,
    Magic knight rayearth, Game de hakken!! tamagocchi 2, Ayakashi no shiro,
    Monster race, Gi king! and America oudan ultra quiz part2 (all are L).

    Radofin tele-sport III. Thanks to Olli Haapamäki, kiitos Olli Haapamäelle lahjoituksesta.
    Amstrad DMP3250 -printer.

    Radofin tele-sport III

    Schneider Europc with external 3.5″ disk. Thanks to Olli Haapamäki, kiitos Olli Haapamäelle lahjoituksesta.

    Nintendo DS games: Harvest Time hop and fly, Sprung, F24 Stealth fighter
    and Fossil league (all are SW).

    Lots of Commodore Amiga 500 stuff; manuals, games, monitor, joystics etc. Thanks to Hanna
    Kalsto, kiitos Hanna Kalstolle lahjoituksesta.

    Nokia RD58 Actionman II. Thanks to Tuukka ”Galwran” Jousi, kiitos Tuukka ”Galwran” Jouselle lahjoituksesta. Microsoft Sidewinder game pad. Sony Playstation 2 Gametrak golf simulator
    central unit. Commodore Amiga games and programs: Circus games, Outran Europa, Kind Words,
    Page Setter, Amiga pelintekijän opas, Amiga 3 68000 konekieli-kirja, Amiga ohjelmat
    1990 bitti, Colonel’s bequest, Dual test drive II, Monkey Island and Deluxe
    Music construction set (all are L).

    Salora VTX 1100 videotex adapter. Thanks to Olli Haapamäki, kiitos Olli Haapamäelle lahjoituksesta.

    Salora VTX 1100

    Commodore 64 games: Super cycle, Armalyte and Championship jet ski simulator (all are CIB).
    Texas Instruments TI-99/A4 programs: Statistics, A-mage-ing, Mind challenger, Othello,
    Meteor multiplication and Computer math games IV (all are L). Nokia ngage game: Requiem of
    hell (SW). Mattel Aquarius games: Aliens, Millypede and Chuckman (all are cib).

    Nec PC FX.

    Nec PC FX

    Sony PSP movies and game: Raid, Helmiä ja sikoja, League, Alien vs predator,
    Elektra, Predator and Cube(all are CIB).

    Toshiba Portage P2010.

    PC software and Schneider’s manuals, thanks to Olli Haapamäki,
    kiitos Olli Haapamäelle lahjoituksesta.

    A lot of Data General’s manuals and another stuff, thanks to Heikki Juntunen.
    Paljon Data Generalin ohjekirjoja ja muuta materiaalia, kiitos Heikki Juntuselle

    Nintendo Wii Mad Catz universal HD cable. Sony PSP Joytech docking cradle.
    PC games: Celebrity deadhmatch, NHL eastside hockey manager, Railroads,
    Saga of Ryzom, Catz 4 (all are SW), Phantasy star universal, Sims 2
    lemmikkielämää, Sims 2 jouluversio and Sims elämäntarinat (all are CIB).

    Apple II games: Pac-man, Stargate, Centipede, Robotron 2084, Donkey Kong, Dig Dug
    Moon patrol, Jugle hunt, Galaxian, Gremlins, Battle zone
    and MS. Pac-man (all are CIB or SW).

    Apple II pelit

    Silicon Graphics Indy.

    Silicon Graphics Indy

    Kiitos Timo Harjuselle lahjoituksesta, thanks to Timo Harjunen!

    Texas Instruments ti99/A games and programs: Demolition division, Multiplication 1,
    Numeration 1, Wumpus, Division 1, Yahtzee and Beginning grammar (all are L).

    PC games: FlatOut 2, Trivial pursuit unhinged, Cold war, Asheron’s call throne of destiny
    and Scar (all are CIB). Sony Playstation 2 games: Zombie virus, Surffering ties that bind,
    Swords of destiny, Sega Superstars and Turok: evolution (all are CIB).

    Four new Nokia mobile phones (6131, 6060, 6230i, E70).

    * 3000 games and programs *

    Nintendo Advance games: Castlevania, Lady Sia (both are CIB) and Mario Advance golf (SW).
    Philips Videopac games: Freedom fighter, golf, Pickaxe Pete, Battlefield, Volleyball
    and Bowling/basketball (all are CIB).

    Big bunch of Texas Instruments TI-99/A4 games and programs: Ti invaders, Alien addition,
    Alligator mix etc.

    Texas Instruments TI-99/A4 with two double joysticks. Philips Videopac G7000.

    Sega Mega Drive new boxed accessories. Thanks to Juha :). More before and after cleaning pics.

    Sega Mega Drive stuff

    Nec-PC Engine games: Sherlock holmes Consulting detective, Angelique in wonderland, Doukyusei 2
    and Angelique special 2 (CIB).

    Nintendo Game boy games: Koukiatsu boy, Seaside volley, Jungle no ouja taachan, Legend:
    ashita e no tsubasa, Totsugeki valations, Yakuman, Yu-Gi-oh! Duel monsters, Shougi,
    Hiryuu no ken gaiden, Zettai muteki raijin-oh, Momotarou collection, Bokujou
    monogatari GB, Doraemon no gameboy de asobouyo deluxe 10, Megami tensei
    gaiden: last bible II and Karakuri kengou den musashi road (all are L, JPN).

    IBM Thinkpad TransNote. Thanks to Lenovo Finland for their donation!

    IBM TransNote

    Nintendo Game Boy Color games: Yu-Gi-oh! Dark duel stories II, Sanrio timenet past, Power pro
    kun pocket 2, Kaijin zona, K.O the pro boxing, Ide Yousuke no mahjong, Jinsei game:
    tomedachi, Medarot cardrobottle: kabuto version, Shaman king: Chou senji ryakketu
    and Yu-Gi-oh! 4: johnouchi deck (all are L).

    Microsoft Xbox 360 accessories, Xbox Live Vision, Wireless Headset and Messenger Kit, thanks to Microsoft Finland for their donation!

    Xbox 360 accessories

    Nokia E61 and N70 mobile phones.

    Microsoft Xbox360 games: Fifa 07 and Fonza motorsport 2 (both are CIB). Microsoft Xbox
    games: Harry Potter prisoner of Azkaban and Total overdose(both are CIB). Sony Playstation 2
    games: Age of empire 2, SOnic riders, TMN turtles mutant melee and Karvinen 2 (all are CIB).


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