Vuoden 2009 hankinnat

Ericsson MC218. Thanks to Mika Nyberg, kiitos Mika Nybergille lahjoituksesta.

Ericsson MC218

Nintendo 8 asia games: 52in1, Dragon ball Z, Dragon quest III, Dragon quest II, Fire emblem gaiden, Kaijuu monogatari, Kinnikuman: muscle tag match, King kong 2, Bases loaded, Portopia renzoku satsujin, Hi no tori, Antartic adventure, Ide yousuke meijin no jinnen mahjong, Uninvited, Famista, Bakushou jinsei gekijoh, Choogoku janshi story, 10 yard fight, Dr Mario, Famista 89, Esper dream 2, Ganbare goemon gaiden 2 and Famicom jump (all are L).

Amstrad 2086/30. Thanks to Ruskeasuon koulu, kiitos Ruskeasuon koululle lahjoituksesta.

Amstrad 2086/30

Sony Playstation 3 games: Call of duty 4, Assassin’s creed and Farcry 2 (all are CIB).
PC games: Medal of honor airborne and Flight simulator X (all are CIB). Sony PSP games:
Lord of the rings Tactics, NFL street 3, Pac-man world 3 and EA replay (all are CIB).

IBM Thinkpad T42. IBM Thinkpad T40.

Apple Machintosh II, AppleColor RGB monitor, Mac keyboard, Mac mouse. Lots of Mac manuals.
Ready, set, go (CIB). Thanks to Henry Palonen, kiitos Henry Paloselle lahjoituksesta.

Apple Machintsoh II

Add four new phones to Nokia mobile phone section.

Lots of MSX stuff. Boxed Canon V-20 MSX. Manuals. MSX games: Konami’s Maze of Galious, Konami’s Salamander, 737 flight simulator, Emerald isle, Konami’s sky jaguar, Konami’s Road fighter,
Konami’s Knightmare, Konami’s Nemesis, Konami’s Yie Ar Kung-fu 2, Konami’s Hyper rally, Yamaha Sound synthesizer Unit II, Yamaha FM music composer II, Yamaha FM music macro II, Yamaha FM voicing program II, Jet fighter, Jet bomber, Ultra chess, Donkey kong, Maxima, Oh shit!,
Boulder dash, Nightshade, Colossus chess 4, Zakil wood, Knightlore, Alien 8, Boulder dash 2,
Dics warrior, Master of the lamps, Gountlet, MSX classics, Space busters, Maninc miner,
Master Chess, Alpha blaster, Kuma superchess, Jet fighter, Finders keepers, Chiller,
Scentipede, Skramble, Drome, CUE, Sorcery and Jet set Willy II (all are CIB). Thanks to Jorma Aalto, kiitos Jorma Aallolle lahjoituksesta.

Two Sinclair Spectrum ZX, ZX power supply, Games for your ZX Spectrum book, ZX interface 2. Sinclair ZX games: make-a-chip, Sheaquered flag, PSSST, Chess, Kong, Supernails, Flight simulator, Exploding fist, Cookie, Reversi, Paratroopers, Chost hunters, Backgammon, Jet pack, Birds, Red baron, Terror-daktil 4D, Paras, I,ball, Bedlam, Pheenix, Horizons, Planetoids, Dragontorc (all Are CIB), Chess, International cricket, Spiky Harold, Horizons, Scrabble (all are L). Thanks to Timo Palonen, kiitos Timo Paloselle lahjoituksesta.

Sinclair Spectrum ZX

Nintendo 64 games: Power league 64, Jikkyou powerful pro yakyuu 5, Jikkyou powerful pro yakyuu 6, Jikkyou powerful pro yakyuu 4, Yoshi’s story, Mario golf, Bass rush, Blastdozer, Jikkyou powerful pro yakyuu 2000, Superstar soccer 64, Pocket monster snap, World soccer: world cup france 98, Banjo Kazooie, Pachinko 365-hi, 64 trump collection (all are L).

PC games: Steel panthers III, Outcast, Arcanum, Return to Krondor, Shadow company left
for dead, Championship manager 97/98, Spellcross, Soldier at war, H&D fight for freedom,
Master of magic, Nocturne, Apocalypse, Diablo II, H&D, Delta force, Wing commander III,
Realms of the haunting, Evil islands, Wing commander IV, Rage of mages II, Santageddon,
Death gate, Allied general and Steel panthers (all are CIB). *I have over 400 PC games*
Thanks to Raimo Tikkanen, kiitos Raimo Tikkaselle lahjoituksesta.

PC Games

Nintendo WiiFit.

My mobile phone now and 15 years ago – kännykkäni nyt ja 15 vuotta sitten. Boxed
Sega Saturn model-MK-80200A-50, loose Sega Saturn model-MK-80200-50A and loose
Sega Saturn model-MK-80200-50.

PC games: Bioshock and Empire earth 3 (CIB). Atari Lynx games: Rampart and Block out (L).

Nokia 7070d-2. PC games: Age of Empires III, Freedom force and Dragon’s lair 3D (CIB).
Sony Playstation 2 games: Black, Devil may cry 3, Worms forts: under belagerung, Rainbow
six 3, Freak out, Ring of red and Pop star academy (CIB). Microsoft Xbox games: Return to
castle wolfenstein, Mechassault, True crime new york city, Top spin, Soulcalibur II
and Madden 06 (CIB).

Apple Machintosh games: F/A-18 Hornet 2.0, Star Wars X wing, Star Wars Tie fighter, Star Wars Rebel assault II, Marathon, Marathon II (all are CIB) and A-10 Attack (L).

Apple PowerPC G3. Thanks to Timo Mäkelä, kiitos Timo Mäkelälle lahjoituksesta.

Nokia 5140 mobile phone. Lots of Commodore Amiga manuals: Amiga Kind Words, Amiga Bitti
Basic 2, Amiga basic, Amiga page setter, Amiga pelintekijän opas, Amiga enhancer software,
Amiga A2000 bacic, Amiga 68000-konekieli 3, Amiga A520 video adapter manual etc.

Sony PSP UMD movies: Blade II, Austin Powers Goldmember, XXX2, Sin city, Austin Powers
Spy who shagged me and Blade trinity (all are CIB).