Atari Jaguar

I have four Europe (two CIB) and one USA (CIB)
main units, four power adapters (one USA),
two A/V -cables, five Controllers, Atari CD-add on,
Jaguar Team Tap (CIB), two Atari Jagur Automatic
TV/Game Switch (both are CIB), Atari Jaguar
Composite Monitor Connector (CIB) and Jaguar Team
Tap Multi-player Adapter (CIB).

type computer
country USA
year 1993
os Atari
cpu Motorola mc 86000,
two riscs
speed 26,6 MHz
ram 2 MB
graphic max 800×576
colors 16,9 millions
sound 16 bit stereo
ports RF, two joystics, cartridge