Nintendo Super Nes

I have ten Super Nintendo Europe (Super Mario World CIB, Super Mario All Stars CIB, Super Mario All Stars & Super Mario World CIB, Donkey Kong Country CIB, More Fun Set CIB) and three Super Nintendo USA main units (one Basic pack CIB, Donkey Kong Country CIB), many powers adapters, many controllers, many scart cables, Universal adapter, two super scope 6 (one Europe CIB, one USA  CIB), Super Advantage, Mario Paint (CIB), Universal Adapter  (CIB), Stereo A/V Cable (CIB), Rental Case, QuickShot Python 2B  (CIB) and Competition Pro SN6 (CIB).
type game console
country Japan
year 1991
os Nintendo
cpu 16bit custom 65C816
speed 3.58MHz
ram 128KB
rom game cartridge 2-48 Mbit
graphic 512 x 448 (256)
colors 32768
sound 8 bit sound Sony PC7000
ports cartridge slot, controller ports (2), stereo A/V, RF
power adapter 9V DC(/AC) 1.2A +tip