Philips CD-i 450



I have two main units (one CIB) , two controller, remote
controller, Digital Cartridge 22ER99956 (CIB), Peace
Keeper Revolver (CIB), Gamepad (B), three Gamepad,
KeyController (CIB), Trackerball (CIB), Roller Controller
(CIB), Port Splitter Cable and RF Modulator.


type multimedia CD player
country Netherlands
year 1994
os CD-RTOS (based on Microware’s OS-9)
cpu Motorola 68070
speed 15,5 MHz
ram 1 MB
graphic 768 x 560
colors 16,7 million
sound 16 bit stereo
cd single speed cd-rom
ports Scart, Audio out, video out, svhs