• Vuoden 2003 hankinnat

    Added Philips CDI 210 with controllers.

    Added modified Nintendo Nes.

    Added new modified machines -page on Computer museum section.

    Added rare Atari 1200XL :).

    Added 21 Nintendo Nes’s games: Days of Thunder,
    Jack Niclaus, Track&Field II, Super Turrican, Mega man 3,
    Robocop, Tecmo Cup, Wrecking crew, Yoshi’s cookie, Probotector,
    MicroMachines, Cobra triangle, Pro wrestling, Journey to Silius,
    Boy and his Blob, Ikari warriors, Defender of crown, Little
    Nemo dream master, Legend of Zelda (L) and Gum shoe (CIB).

    Added Nintendo Game Boy bag.

    Added Playstation 2’s game: Oni (CIB).

    I visited in Game On 2003 – exhibition today.
    Here is a few protos.

    Add fairchild channel F. first game console
    that use changeable carts from 1976.

    Add four Sega Dreamcast’s games: Speed
    devils, Mortal kombat gold (both are CIB), Hydro
    thunder and Worms armageddon (both are SW).

    Add Nintendo Gamecube’s game: Kelly
    Slater’s pro surffer (CIB).

    Added Atari 800.
    Very rare computer, at least
    here in Finland :).

    It’s Christmas time :)

    Added two Memotech MTX’s games:
    Knuckles and Toado (both are CIB).

    Added five Game&Watch multiscreen’s
    games: Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong II, Green
    house, Mickey&Donald and Pinball.

    Added Nintendo 64 Ultra Racer 64 –

    I changed my homepages layout again…….

    Added three PC’s games: Lord of
    rigs: fellowship of ring, Stronghold
    and haluatko miljonääriksi (CIB).

    I upgraded my primary computer by Abit KV7
    -morboard, AMD 3000+ -prosessor, Maxtor
    120GB sata -disk and DDR400 1GB memory.

    Games on :)

    Added Soundic Soundicvision SD-200.

    Added four Sega Dreamcast’s games: sychic force 2012,
    Fighting force 2, Tomb Raider: last revelation (all SW)
    and Soul Fighter (CIB).

    Added eight Sega Mega Drive’s games: 6in1, Power rangers,
    688 attack sub, Ottifants, Aladdin, Jurassic park, Global
    gladiators (all B) and Yoki bear (CIB).

    Added five Intervision 2001’s games: Poker,
    Sea battle, Escape, Auto race and Cat track (all L).

    Added Gao Ming handheld game (rubbish).

    Added three Mattel Intellivision’s games:
    Space armada (CIB), Checkers (L) and Nasl soccer (L).

    Added a new game review (in finnish): Metroid Prime for
    Nintendo Gamecube. Thanks Jesse and Otso.

    Added 24 Sinclair Spectrum ZX’s games: Formula 1
    simulator, Booty, Rybgy, Monte Carlo Casino, Dynamite Dan,
    Alien destroyer, Double dragon, British super league, Chequered
    flag, Mugsy, Finders keepers, Tauceti, Tank trax etc.. (all are CIB).

    Added Nintendo nes’s games: Blue
    Shadow and Rygar (both are CIB).

    Added Sega Game Gear’s game:
    Fantasy zone (CIB).

    Added 14 Atari ST games: Rick Dangerous2, Cybernoid,
    Sarakon, Ringside from EAS, Hellbent, Brickbusta, Killing game
    show, Beyond ice palace, Battleships, Ikari warriors,
    Buggy boy, Toki, Atominoand Power drift (all are L).

    Added Nintendo Gamecube Metroid pack.

    Added Spectravideo’s games: Old mac
    farmer and Car ace (both are L).

    Added Nintendo Advance’s games: Spyro season
    of ice and Harry Potter and philosopher’s stone (both are CIB).

    Added Sega Mega Drive game:
    Dynamite Headdy (CIB).

    Added Sun SPARCstation IPX 4/50.

    Added more brochures and advertises to
    computer museum/brochures -section.

    Added Sega Game Gear’s games; Baku Baku and
    World series baseball (both are L).

    Added Soundic’s game: Space scout (CIB).

    I made new brochures-part in computers museum -section.
    It will be under construction very long time :)

    Added Atari 400/600/800/XL paddles.

    Added Atari 400/600/800/XL’s games: Pac-man,
    Missile command, Centipede, Basic, Seflection, Jaw
    breaker (all are CIB) and Exchange (L).

    Added Commodore VIC’s games: Duck Shoot, Bullet and
    Psycho shopper (all are CIB).

    Added Atari 400 computer with tape drive, joysticks, original box etc.

    Added seven Mattel Intellivision’s games: Mission X,
    Star strike, Burger time, Frog bog, Boxing, Snafu
    and Space hawk (all are L).

    Added Super Nintendo’s game: Super bomberman (L).

    Added rare Spectravideo Compumate (Atari 2600 add-on).

    I made small changes here and re.

    Added Sega Game Gear widegear.

    Added Nintendo Nes Super converter.

    Added Bandai WonderSwan B/W handheld game console.

    Added Sega Game Gear game: Solitaire poker (CIB).

    Added three Atari Lynx games: Batman returns (L),
    Basketbrawl (CIB) and Slime world (CIB).

    Happy september, it’s autumn!

    I made changes in computer museum -section. I hope list is better now.

    Added Sega Game Gear’s game: Zan gear (CIB).

    Added Tiger game.com’s game: Jeopardy (SW).

    Added six Mattel Intellivision’s games: NBA basketball (LM),
    Sub hunt (LM), Astrosmash (CIB), Space spartans (CIB), Soccer (CIB)
    and Frogger (CIB).

    Added cool Sega Game Gear bag with Sega Game Gear.

    Added two Sega Mega Drive’s games: Ghouls’n
    ghosts and Dynamite Duke (both are B).

    Added two Sega Game Gear’s games: Clutch
    hitter and Joe Montana football (both are L).

    Added two Nintendo Game Boy’s games: Turtles
    fall of foot clan and Tom & Jerry 2 film (both are L).

    Added 14 Sinclair Spectrum games: Impossamole,
    Bruce Lee, Atic Atac, Saboteur, Mario Bros., Switchblade,
    Speed king 2, Bubble Bobble, Oracle’s cave, Mindtrap,
    Fantazy world Dizzy, Devils of deep, Seas of blood and
    European champions (all games are CIB).

    Added five Sega Mega Drive’s games: Mega-lo-mania (CIB),
    EA Hockey (CIB), Mig-29 fighter pilot (CIB), Fifa soccer 96 (CIB)
    and Wayne Gretzky and NHLPA all-stars (L).

    Added Nintendo nes’s game: Robin Hood prince of thieves (CIB).

    Added stuff to trade list.

    Added ComQuestPlus children education computer.

    Added Sega Mega Drive super mega-key.

    Added rare Spectravideo SVI 328 -model

    Added Spectravideo SV 328.

    Added 17 Spectravideo’s games: Killer car, Swing man,
    Spectrabrain, Morse code tutorial, Puzzlemaster, Maze cup,
    champion, Findit, SV jungle, Juno lander, Financial calculator
    U.S. geography, Acutype, Memory trainer, Master Brain, Graph
    master and Number game (all are L).

    Added rare Commodore Amiga 500 Ball -design.

    Added two Soundic games: Chaser and
    Outworlder (both are CIB).

    Added four Nec TurboGrafx games: Bomber man (LM), China
    Warrior (CIB), Keith Courage (LM) and World court tennis (CIB).

    I added slide shows to photography -page.

    Added Bandai WonderSwan color.

    It’s august, still sun is shining and temperature is 32 celsius here in Finland.

    I added utilities -section. re is a few Java
    programs and games. I made lot’s of small changes
    here and re.

    Added Microsoft Xbox’s game: Midtown Madness 3 (CIB).

    Added Sega Game Gear’s game: Mortal Kombat II (L).

    Added Commodore 64’s speech module.

    Added Commodore 64c’s disk drive 1541c.

    Added Apple Macintosh ArtPad II.

    Added Nintendo Super nes’s games: Anor World,
    Judge Dredd, Mortal kombat 3 and Killer Instinct (all L).

    Added Nintendo 64’s game: Tony Hawk’s skateboarding (L).

    Added Sega Mega Drive’s game: Depac attack (CIB).

    Added Nintendo 64’s game: Killer Instant (B).

    Added Nintendo original Game Boy.

    Added Nintendo Game Boy’s games: 32 in 1
    and GB220 in 1 (both are L).

    Added Atari 600/800’s programs: Touch typing (CIB),
    Invitation programming 2 (CIB), Macro assembler (SW)
    and Microsoft basic (SW).

    Added SNK NeoGeo Pocket handheld game console.

    Added SNK NeoGeo Pocket’s game:
    Samurai shodown 2 (CIB).

    Greetings from Italy (Toscana / Poppi)!

    Here is a few photos.

    I got Commodore SX-64, at last !

    Added seven Commodore 64’s module games:
    Star trek, Tooth invader, Lemans, Congo bongo,
    Galaxian, Avenger and Rootin’ Tootin’ (all L).

    Added two Sony Playstation 2’s games: Unreal
    tournament and Wild wild racing (both CIB).

    Added three Commodore CD32’s games: Dennis,
    Overkill & Lunar-c and Nigel Mansell’s world
    Championship (all are CIB).

    Added Spectravideo’s program: Spectra
    checkbook (CIB).

    Added Nec TurboGrafx 16 game console.

    Added two Atari Lynx’s games: Zarlor meacenary
    and Bill Stod’s excellent adventure (both L).

    Added three Interton VC4000’s games:
    cassette 12, 19 and 32 (all L).

    Added thirteen Oric’s games: Harrie Attack,
    Oric munch, Rat splat, Zorgons revenge, Attack
    of cyberman, Frigate commander, Forth, 3D
    maze & breakout, Xenon, Oric cad,
    Oric mon, chess (all CIB).

    I found two Soundic games from junk market:
    Expedition and Raging turtle (both CIB).

    I spent weekend in Russian driving offroad. Here is a few photos.

    Added three Fairchild’s games: cart 2, cart 4 and card 5 (all CIB).
    Fairchild was first cartridge based system. I don’t have
    Fairchild game console, unfortunately.

    Added three Nintendo Game boy Color’s games:
    Magical drop, Puzzled and 4×4 World throphy (all CIB).

    It’s summer, because calendar say so :)

    Added Nintendo Gamecube Advance cable.

    Added three Panasonic 3DO’s games: Fifa soccer (B),
    Jurassic Park (CIB) and Road rash (CIB).

    Added Nintendo nes with gool drawer, include zapper, controllers and few games.

    Added Nintendo nes’s games: Dragon Lair (B), Metroid (B),
    Super Mario (L), Nes Open tournament golf (L), 42 in 1 (L).

    Added Salora Fellow with data cassette, 16 k ram, two joystics and manuals.

    Added three Salora Fellow’s games: Demonstration tape, Planet patrol
    and electronic slot machine (all are CIB).

    Added Spectravideo’s game: Spectron (CIB). Spectravideo 328 was
    my first really computer and Spectron was my first really game :)

    Added Nintendo game boy.

    Added two Nintendo game boy color red and green.

    Added Nintendo 64’s games: Forsaken and Multi Racing championship (both are CIB).

    Added Nintendo Game boy’s game: Game & Watch gallery 3 (L).

    Added Nintendo Game boy color’s game: Metal Gear (L).

    Added Commodore 116 with tape drive, joystick adapter and tape drive adapter.

    Added 10 Commodore 16’s games: Basic kurs (L), Dork’s dilemma (L),
    Winter olympic (loose), Rockman (CIB), BMX racer (CIB), Vegas jackpot (CIB),
    Spectipede (CIB), etc.

    KÄÄK, 10 days without updates! I have a lot of new stuff, but no time to add it.

    Added two Nintendo Gamecube’s games: 2002
    fifa worldcup and NBA courtside 2002 (CIB).

    Added Philips G7000’s chess module G7010.

    Added Spectravideo’s game: Spectra break.

    Added Sinclair ZX Spectrum joystick module.

    Added 12 Amstrad cpc’s games: Miami vice (B, We are champion collection (B),
    Alien (LM), California games (LM), Infiltrator (LM), Live ammo collection (L),
    Karate ace collection (L), Winter games (L), etc.

    Added Philips CDI’s games: Harvest of sun Vincent
    van Gogh, ultimate American football collection (both shrinkwrapped),
    Compton’s interactive encyclopedia, Mad dog Mccree, 7 guest
    and Die nackte kanonen 33 (all complete in box).

    Added Salora Manager’s games: Laser-Pac and Math fun1 (both complete in box).

    Added Commodore VIC’s game: Crazy kong (complete in box).

    Added Sega Saturn’s game: Dragon heart (complete in box).

    Added Commodore C64’s game: Leader Board (complete in box).

    Added Sony Playstation2’s game: Super car (complete in box).

    Added Microsoft Xbox’s game: Championship Manager 2003 (complete in box).

    Added Commodore CD32’s games: Road kill, Black Viper, Premiere,
    James Pond 2 and Trolls (all complete in box).

    Added Basic 2000-computer with 16K memory and original box.

    Added Sinclair Spectrum +.

    Added PC’s game: Lure of Temptress (complete in box).

    Added Sega Mega Drive’s game: Atomic runner (complete in box).

    Added Nintendo nes’s game: Double Dragon II (loose).

    Added Commodore 64’s program: Simon’s basic (loose).


    Added Tiger Game.com.

    Added eight Tiger Game.com’s games: Tiger casino, Fighters megamix,
    Sonic jam (2items), Williams arcade classics, Resident evil 2, Indy 500
    (all shrinkwrapped) and Wheel of fortune (loose).


    Added Panasonic 3DO FZ-1.

    Added six Atari Lynx’s games: Chip’s challenge, Hydra, Super
    Skweek, Crystal mines II, Steel talons and Kung food (all shrinkwrapped).

    Added a few photos from my computers collection to photography -section.

    Added two Sega Mega drive’s games: Asterix and
    power of Gods and Mickey Mania (both complete in box).

    Added three Apple Machintosh’s programs: Simpsons screen
    saver, Speed doubler and Adobe super ATM (all complete in box).

    Added two Apple Machintosh’s games: Daedalus
    encounter (complete in box) and Myth fallen lords (boxed).

    Added new game review (in finnish):
    sims: lemmikit for pc. Thanks Jesse.

    Added four Nintendo nes’s games: Battletoads,
    Gun.Smoke, Turtles and TalesSpin (all loose).

    Added 28 Sinclair spectrum’s games: Horace goes skiing, Alcatraz
    Harry, Bullseye, Action biker, Chiller, Spy vs spy, spy vs spy II, Pud Pud,
    Rifle range, Wec le Mans, Bombfusion, Cosmic wartoad etc. (all complete in box).


    Added Apple Newton 2000 handheld computers with keyboard.

    Added Tiger NBA jam handheld game.

    Added Nintendo Game boy’s game: Pokemon red (loose).

    Added Nintendo Game boy color’s games: Daikatana
    (loose with manual), Dinosaur (loose) and Winnie Pooh (loose).

    Added three computers toys; Electornic Huncback of Notre Dame, Casio Karate fight and Tomy Original Barcode Battler.

    Added two clone consoles; Zhiliton 938-A and KC intelligent terminal.

    I changed my speakers again. Now I have right speakers, Creative Inspire 6700, no more sound problems.

    I added a few new links to links page (Steve’s Digicam = great pages!). I also added link to Steve’s Digicam’s Canon S40 review to my photography section.

    Added Nintendo nes’s game; Dragon’s lair (loose).

    Added Nintendo 64’s game; Dinny Kong racing (loose).

    Added Nintendo Advance’s game; Planet apes (loose). N

    Added Sega Mega Drive II.

    Added Commodore VIC 20 with power and RF -module.

    Added lots of Spectrum games.

    Added five DVD’s; Bunker, Disclosure, Spy game, Impostor and Les Miserables.

    I changed my pages looks again, it’s newer ready :). I also put find option (powered by FreeFind) in main left frame.

    Added a new game review (in finnish): Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 for PC. Thanks Jesse and Otso.

    Added twelve Nintendo nes’s games; Goonies II, Tiny Tools, Super Mario, Super Mario 2, Star wars, Blades of steel, Turtles II, To earth, Gradius, R.C. pro-am, Top gun and Duck Tales. All games are loose except Super Mario is complete in box.

    Added three Sega Game Gear’s games; Ariel little mermaid (lm), Olympic gold (lm) and Batman return (cib).

    Added Atari Mega ST4 with keyboard, mouse, Megafile 60 and monitor SM124.

    Added Nintendo Game boy’s camera.

    Added Machintosh SE.

    Added Nintendo Game boy’s rechangeable battery pack and ac adapter.

    Added a Nintendo nes’s game; Faxanadu (loose).

    Added 27 items of Sinclair ZX’s games (cib); Screen heroes, Death wish 3, Motor massage Twister, Movie, Pac land, Professional soccer, Outrun, Leader board etc.

    Added Sinclair Spectrum +2A.

    Added 23 items of Sinclair ZX’s games (cib); Gassa, Gassa II, Wrestlemania, Turbo Outrun, Turtles, Batman, Subbuteo, World cup soccer, Manchester united, International 3D tennis Lemmings, etc.

    Added Atari 600xl/800xl’s Touch Tablet with AtariArtist (cib).

    Added Oric-1’s games; Harrier Attach (cib) and Scube dive (sw).

    Added Texas Instruments Super Speak&Spell English teaching machines for children.

    Added Commodore 64G -model. It’s look like Commodore 64, but cover and keyboard are beige and hardware is renewed.

    Added Commodore Plus/4 (usa) with power and original box.

    At least I got those two missing Commodores :).

    Added seven Spectravideo’s games and programs; Spectra font editor, Spectra sprite editor, Star words, Mini golf, SV Jungle, 3-dimensional ric-tac-toe and compatibility (all loose with manual).

    Added a Nintendo game boy Advance’s game; Super Mario advance (cib)

    I made list of my computer’s and console’s accessories and put it to Computers section.

    Added Sega Mega Drive with 32X ad on.

    Added five Sega Mega Drive’s games; Moto cross 32X (loose), F1 (cib), NHL 97 (cib), Sonic (cib) and Fifa 95.

    Added a new game review (in finnish): Amped for Xbox. Thanks Jesse.

    Added three Sega Dreamcast’s games; NBA Show time (cib), Shadow man (cib) and Ready 2 rumble boxing round 2 (cib).

    Added a Nintendo Gamecube’s game; Pikmin (cib).

    Added an Interchangeable handheld gameconsole with changeable game modules (includes three modules).

    Added a Sega Master System Plus. Master System Plus is equal that Master System, but it’s includes two games inside (Hang On and Safari Hunt) and Light Phaser.

    Added two Sony Playstation 2’s games; Midnight club (cib) and Donald Duck quack attack (cib).

    Added two Sega Dreamcast’s games; Silver (cib) and Millennium soldier (cib).

    Added a Xbox’s game; Amped.

    Added an Atari 600/800’s game; Star raiders (cib).

    Added a Sega Master System’s game; Outrun (loose).

    Added a new game review (in finnish): Luigi’s Mansion for Gamecube. Thanks Jesse and Otso.

    Added three Nintendo nes’s games; 2in1 (Super Mario bros. and Duck hunt) (with manual), 3in1 (Super Mario bros. and Tetris and World cup) (loose) and Wrath black manta (with manual).

    Added two Amiga 500’s games; Shadow of beast II (cib) and Days of thunder (cib).

    :):):) have 300 machines now! :):):)

    Added Nintendo 64 with three controllers, RF switch, controller pak, expansion pack and eleven games; Super Mario 64, F1 World Grand Prix, Zelda Ocarina of time, Zelda Majora’s mask, 1080 Snowboarding, Perfect dark (manual missing), 007 golden eye, Donkey Kong 64, Super smash bros., Mario Party 3 and Pokemon Stadium. All games are complete in box.

    Added Atari 600/800’s program; Movie Maker.

    Added two new game review (in finnish): Mario Party 4 for Gamecube and Battlefield 1942 for PC. Thanks Jesse and Otso.

    Added Tiger R-zone game console with one game; Batman and Robin. R-zone is very weird machine with little LCD -screen, little controller and little games.

    Happy New Year !

    Added Sony Discman DD-1EX. Sony DD-1EX is small electronic book player with CD -drive and little LCD screen. CD’s size is 8cm (single CD).

    Added Sony Discman’s cd; Finnish phonebook.