• Vuoden 2007 hankinnat

    Another Commodore Amiga 500, Sony Playstation. Sony Playstation’s and Sega MegaDrive’s
    controllers. Two commodore 1541 disk drives. Salora, Atari and Commodore manuals.

    Another Spetcravideo 328 mkII with 904 cassette drive.

    SNK Neo-Geo CD with two controllers.

    SNK Neo-Geo CD

    MSX programs: Star seeker, Bio-syntax fin (englannin kielenopiskeluohjelma) and Nero 2000 fin
    (tietovisailu) (all are CIB). 3DO games: Alone in the dark, Alone in the dark 2, Syndicate
    and Space hulk (all are SW).

    Sony Playstation 3.

    Sony Playstation 3

    Microsoft Xbox360 games: Halo 3 and Guitar hero II (both are CIB). Nintendo WII game: Wii
    sport (CIB). Sony Playstation 3 games: Resistance fall of man and Motor storm.

    Nintendo Game boy Color games:Poyon’s dungeon room, Hamster paradise 3, Momotarou Densetse
    1-2, Metamode, Love hina Party, Yu-Gi-oh! Capsule GB, B-Daman baku gaiden, Card hero:
    trade & battle, Densha de Go!, Gambler Ddensetsu tetsuya, Love hina pocket,
    Robot ponkottsu sun version (all are L).

    Sega Gamegear games: NBA jam, Pro yakyuu 91, Hyper pro yakyuu 92, J. League soccer
    and J. League GG pro striker 94 (all are L).

    Nintendo Famicom games: Famicom jump, Family basic, Jajamaru no daibouken, Goonies, Tecmo
    cup soccer gamesBakushou jinsei gekijoh, Super Mario bros 3, Ninja Hattori-kun, Magical
    taruruuto kun: fantastic world, Ganbare goemon karakuru douchuu, Formation Z, Legend
    of valkyrie, Wagyan land, Adventure island, Super Mario bros, Soccer, Xevious,
    Star force and Yoshi’s cookie (all are L).

    It took a long time, at last I got the original Nintendo Famicom.

    MSX’s games: Hole on one, Qbert, Maze of Galious, Nemesis 2, Penguin adventure, Chima
    Chima private eye, Inca, Skooter (all are CIB).

    Sony Playstation games: Tarzan, Syphon filter, Syphon filter 2, Medal of honor,
    beast wars transformers (all are CIB).

    Vtech math&more! kids computer.

    Nintendo nes mouse. Basic 2000 memory module and graphic adapter. Nintendo famicom games:
    Zoids 2, Super chinese 2: dragon kid, Hiryuu no ken special: fighting wars,Peach boy
    legend, 10-yard fight, Tecmo bowl, Dragon ball 3: gokuu den, Hokuto no ken, Dragon
    ball: dai maou fukkatsu, Dragon ball: shen long no nazo, Pro yakyuu family stadium,
    Best play pro yakyuu II, Momotarou dentetsu and Osomatsu-kun (all are L).

    Sony PSP UMD movies: Blades II, Dodgeball, Austin Powers in Goldenmember, Cursed,
    28 days later, XXX, Fantastic 4, Freddy vs Jason and Daredevil.

    Nintendo Famicom games: Ultraman club 2, Wing of Madoola, Spartan X, Sd Gundam gachapon
    sennshi 2, Yie ar kung-fu, Duck hunt,Famicom wars, Ninja kid, Doraemon, Tetris,
    Rasaaru Ishii no childs quest, Sd Gundam gachapon sennshi 3, Wizardry II,
    Dragon quest IV, Youkai douchuuki, Sd Gundam gaiden: knight Gundam
    monogatari and Sd battle oozumou: heisei hero basho (all are L).

    Radofin game: Invaders (CIB), Mattel Intellivision game: Major league baseball (CIB),
    Atari 7800 game: Ballblaszer (B), Atari 2600 game: Pac-man (CIB) and
    Sega Saturn game: NHL 98 (CIB).

    Casio SF-9500 Digital diary. Oregon scientific PC Pal Digital diary.

    Commodore 64 games: Gangster, Army days, Time traveller, Wonder boy, Great escape, Beach
    head, Hero quest, Ghouls’n ghosts, Wizball, Terminator 2, Tiger road, Dark fusion,
    Back to the future III, Simpsons Bart vs the space mutants, Shadow danger and
    Time machine (all are CIB).

    Spectravideo SV328 game adapter SVI-606 and game adapter SV-603.

    Nec PC Engine games: Power league III, Rastan saga II, Takeda shingen, Power Tennis
    and Formation soccer on J league (all are CIB). Nokia nGage games: Virtua Tennis (SW)
    and X-men legends II (CIB).

    Spectravideo 318/328 games: Prince and dragon and SpectraPede (both are LM). Sinclair
    Spectrum game: Superchess 3.5 (LM). Commodore Amiga games: Mercenary escape from targ
    and Chessmaster 2100 (both are CIB). Commodore Amiga programs: MaxiPlan 500 and OS 3.9
    PCgame: Leisure Suit Larry Collection 1-6 (CIB).

    Nintendo Wii.

    Polycon PG-7 games: Wipeout CT606, Motorcycle CT765, Roadrace CT603 and Supersport
    CT610 (all are CIB). Two Tiger handheld games: Timon & Pumbaa and little Mermaid.

    Polycon PG-7.

    Nintendo gamecube games: Die hard Vendetta, Rainbox six lockdown and Geist (all are CIB).
    Sony PSP game: Dynasty warriors (CIB).

    Nintendo Nes cleaning kit, Sony Playstation 2 Multitap, Microsoft Xbox System link
    cable and Microsoft Xbox RF adapter.

    Another Atari 2600 with original box and power adapter.

    big bunch of Nintendo super famicom games.

    Spectravideo SVI105 graphic table. Anothers Nintendo Advance SP and Nintendo Advance.

    Nintendo Nes games: Gremlins II (CIB), Rush’n attack, Rad racer and Blades of steel (all are L).
    Psion program: Psiwin (CIB).

    PC games: Boiling point (CIB), Star wars x-wing vs the fighters, Star wars dark forces,
    Star wars balance of power and Red baron II (all are L). Nokia nGage game: Call
    of duty (CIB). Commodore Vic game: Radar ratrace (L).

    Super Nintendo games: Super soccer 95, Prime goal 2, Wedding peach, Dai bakushou jinsei,
    Gionbana, Harukanaru augusta, Super igo go ou, Dai bakushou jinsei gekijou and Shounin
    yo taishi o idake (all are L).

    Psion Siena.

    Spectravideo mini expander sv-602. Spectravideo (Canon) mouse. Sony Playstation mouse.

    Happy New Year :). Atari 2600 game: Demon attack (L). Sony Playstation 2 games: V-rally 3,
    World invaders: invasion day, Ben Hur, Heroes of might and magic, X squad, Disney’s Stitch: experiment 626, Need for speed underground 2, Driv3r, Way of the samurai, Seek and destroy,
    Rygar ”the legendary adventure”, Call of duty finest hour and Devil may cry (all are CIB).