• Vuoden 2010 hankinnat

    Nintendo Wii Active personal trainer. Nintendo Wii MadCatz double battery pak. Nintendo Wii games: Facebreaker and Active personal trainer (both are CIB). Nintendo Gamecube games: Pitfall the lost expedition, Mortal kombat deadly alliance, Final fantasy crystal cronicles, Warioworld, Resident evil 4 and Starfox adventures (all are CIB). IBM thinkpad X41. Atari Lynx game: Batman return (L). Sinclair ZX81 games: Games 1 (Orbit, Sniper, Meteors, Life, Wolf pack, Golf), Games 2 (Lunar landing, Twenty one, Combat, Substrike, Code breaker, Mayday), Junior education 2 (Maths, Balance, Volumes, Averages, Bases, Temp), Junior education 5 (Crash, Multiple, Train, Fractions, Add sub, Division, Spelling) (All are CIB).

    Nokia mobilephones: Mobira Talkman TMF-1SX, Nokia Mobira Cityman 190, Nokia Mobira Cityman 250, Nokia NMT440, Nokia 9000 Communicator, Nokia 9500 Communicator, Nokia 9110 Communicator and Nokia 9210 COmmunicator. Kiitos ”tuntemattomalle” lahjoituksesta, thanks to donator.

    Spectravideo SVI-738 (X´Press), power adapter and original bag. Spectravideo manuals: MSX DOS, MSX Basic, MSX Disk Basic, CP/M User’s guide, SVI-738 käyttäjän käsikirja, Turbo Pascal and SVI-738 Service & tecnical manual. MSX game: Elite (CIB). MSX programs: Borlan Turbo Pascal, CP/M 2.2 and MSX DOS / disc Basic (all are L). Kiitos Jere Käpyaholle lahjoituksesta, thanks to Jere Käpyaho.

    Spectravideo SVI-738

    Apple Machintosh LC III, Apple Machintosh 16″ color display, HP Deskwriter, RTM CD driver, Connectix cam, Apple adjustable keyboard and mouse. Kiitos Jari Asikaiselle lahjoituksesta, thanks to Jari Asikainen.

    Apple Macintosh LC III

    Nintendo Wii game: My sims kingdom (CIB). Microsoft Xbox 360 games: Darkness, DarkSector, Bourne conspiracy, Bionic commando, Fallout 3, Alone in the dark, Lost (all are CIB). Sony Playstation games: Gran turismo 2, Medal of honor (both are CIB), Soviet strike (B). Commodore Amiga games: Amegas, Wizball, Art of chess, Terrorpods (all are CIB). Sega Saturn game: Daytona usa (CIB).
    Sega Gamegear game: Crash dummies (CIB). Spectravideo games: Svenska swedish card (L), Armoured assault (2), Spectra font editor, Spectra sprite editor, Spectra file cabinet, Spectra diary (all are L). Sony PSP game: Fight night round 3 (SW). Atari 400 game: Computer war (B).

    Applied Technology MicroBee 128, Microbee monitor model M35-2, Microbee diskdrive SBC01. Programs: Basicdisk 128, Utilities 128, Orddisk 128(all are L). Microbee Manuals: Wordstar training guide, Käyttöohje Microbee 128, Microsoft Multiplan CPM-80, SpellStar reference manual, StarIndex reference manual, Microsoft Basic for CPM-80, WordStar reference manual. Kiitos Marja Ylösmäelle lahjoituksesta, thanks to Marja Ylösmäki.

    Microbee 128

    Carinco. Kiitos Emil Forsbomille lahjoituksesta, thanks to Emil Forsbom.


    Sony Playstation before and after clening.

    Commodore 128, Commodore disk drive 1541, power adapter, two Spectavideo Quickshot II joysticks, Terminator joystick, floppy disk cutter. Commodore manuals: Floppy disk VC1541, Commodore 128 introductory guide, Commodore 128 johdanto-opas. Mattel Intellivision. Mattel Intellivision games: Night stalker, Skiing, Poker & blackjack, Soccer, Trible action, Boxing, Lock ’n’ chase, Tennis, Tron deadly discs (all are CIB), NFL football, Demon attack (both are B). Kiitos Kalevi Leinolle lahjoituksesta, thanks to Kalevi Leino.

    Nintendo nes games: Aoki ookami to shiroki meshika, Dokugan masamune, Youkai douchuuki, Desert commander, Baseball, Championship lode runner (all are CIB), Daiva: imperial of Nirsartia, Volguard II (both are B).

    Sony Playstation games: Windsurfers paradise, Ski air mix, Viva football, Powerboat racing, Smart court tennis and V tennis (all are CIB).

    Nokia and Apple manuals.

    Interton Video 2400. Kiitos Ismo Putkoselle lahjoituksesta. Thanks to Ismo Putkonen.
    Ylioppilaslehti 5/10 artikkeli tietokonemuseo.net:stä.

    PC games: Swat 3, Heroes 2, Lands of lore, Quest for glory 1-4, I have no mouth, Deus ex, 9, Silver, Ultima VIII, Fade to black (2), Tribes 2, Aliens vs predator 2, 11th hour, Vampire, Tomb raider, Close combat 4, Diablo, Command & conquer (3), Cataclysm, Virtual chess, Hind & Apache, Theme park, Commando, Slipstream, Syndicate, King quest 1-6, B-17, Zeppelin, Myst, Darkreign, Little big adventure, Tie fighter, Prophecy, Dark earth, Bioforce, Magic carpet (2), Red alert, Viper racing, Fallout2, Baldur’s gate, Plane scape torment, Pinball gold pack, Nomad soul, Multimedia Strauss, Crusader, Quest for glory 4, NHL 96, US navy fighters, Alone in the dark, Flatout 2, Broken sword 2, Elder scrolls 3, Kingpin, Rainbow six, Steel soldiers (all are CIB), Hidden & dangerous, Railroad tycoon, Backpacker, Handwriting fonts, Interactive space, Finest images, Megamovies, Light use, Desperados, Trouble, Mech warriors 3, Rally championship, 100 Hubblen kuvaa, Grolier 1997 (all are L). Kiitos Vaasalaiselle eläkeläiselle lahjoituksesta. Thanks to donator.

    Interton Video 2400 before and after cleanig pictures.

    Apple Machintosh ”plus”, Apple printer A9M0303P, PL30 50M hard disk, Mac 800kt disk. Kiitos Jari Asikaiselle lahjoituksesta, thanks to Jari Asikainen.

    Konami game console. Sony PS3 Logitech Driving force GT. Mattel Aquarius datarecorder.

    Sony PS3 game: Need for speed shift (CIB). Nokia Ngage games: Tony Hawk’s pro skater, Ghost recon jungle storm, Xanadu next, Atari masterpieces vol 1, Worms world party, Glimmerati, Fifa football 2005 (all are CIB), X-men legends, Catan, King of fighters extreme, Rifts promise of power, SSX out of bounds, Mile high pinball, Splinter cell chaos theory (all are SW). Nintendo nes game: Black manta (L).

    IBM PC NetVista M42 (8303-42G).

    Spectravideo games: Music mentor, Flipper slipper (cart)(both are LM). Nintendo Wii games: Sports Resort, Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and Wii Fit (all are CIB). Nintendo Wii: two Wii Motion Plus.

    Nintendo 64 games: Legend of Zelda: Majora’s mask, Pocket monster stadium kun gin, Hey you, Pikachu!, Mario tennis, Pokemon monster stadium 2 2kpl, Mysterious dungeon 2, Mystical ninja starring Goemon, Derby stallion 64, Starwins, Doraemon, Super Mario 64, Virtual pro
    wrestling 2 (jpn) (all are L).

    Sain Arno ”Arska” Soisalolta (Suomen ensimmäisen tietokoneen operaattorilta) luvan julkaista
    hänen hienon esitelmänsä Suomen esimmäisestä tietokoneesta Ensistä ja sen käyttöönotosta. Finland’s first computer ”Ensi” (in finnish).

    Nokia 5000, E51 and E65 mobilephones.

    Finally I had the time to organize my games to the big cabinet :). Vihdoinkin sain aikaiseksi järjestellä pelit kaappiin :).


    CBS Colecovision and Colecovision games. Thanks to Jukka Laks, kiitos Jukka Laksille lahjoituksesta.

    CBS Colecovision