Apple IIe

I have four main units, four Apple disk II drives, two Apple DuoDisk, three
Apple monitor II A2M201P, Apple Silentype Printer A2M0032,
two Apple 80 column card, Apple Centronics card, two Apple Disk II
Interface Card, Apple Mamory Card, Ati parallel interface, Epson Parallel
interface card, Apple Serial Interface card (CIB) and Graphic Mouse (CIB).

type computer
country USA
year 1983
os ProDOS
cpu MOS 65C02
speed 1.0 MHz
ram 64KB
rom 16 KB
graphic 40/80 x 24 (text),   140 x 192 (6 col)
colors 6
sound build in speaker, 1 channel
ports monitor, tape, joystick, memory slot, internal slot (6)