Atari 520ST, STm



I have two 520ST and four 520STm (one STm CIB) main units, many Mice,
many Joysticks, five Power Adapters, four Atari sf314 Disk Drives (one CIB),
three Atari sf354 Disk Drive, four Disk Power Adapters and four Disk Cables.


type computer
country USA
year 1985 (ST) / 1986 (STm)
os TOS 0.89-1.00 (disk or rom), GEM -desktop
cpu  Motorola MC68000
speed 8 MHz
ram 512 KB
rom 192 KB
graphic 320×200 (16)
colors 512
sound 3 voices, 8 octaves
ports RGB, TV modulator (520STm), Cardridge, Midi (in/out), Centronics, RS232c, Hard Disk, Floppy Disk, Joystick, Mouse