Atari Falcon 030


I have two main units, two mise, st-vga monitor
adapter, many joysticks and Emagic Logic 2.0.


type computer
country USA
year 1993
os TOS 4.01-4.04 (rom), multi
TOS, GEM-desktop
cpu  Motorola mc 86030
speed 16 MHz
ram 1-14MB
disk 3.5″ 1,4MB
graphic 320×200-640×400 (65000)
colors 262144
sound Yamaha YM2149, 3 channel,
8-bit mono i/o
ports Lan, rs323, cartridge, rf, monirot (RGB/VGA/Composite video), SCSI-2, sound in/out,
DSP, Midi in, Midi out, Mouse, joystick, two analogic joysticks