Commodore 64


Case by South Australia.

I have ten main units (German CIB, two England CIB, Terminator
Pack CIB ), Eight power Adapters, Tape Drive VK160, four Commodore
Tape Drives, ”load it” Tape Drive, three Commodore 1541 Disk Drives,
four 1541-II Disk Drive, Commodore Printer MPS803, two Video Cables,
Speech Module, Terminator joystick, Commodore Bag, Floppy Disk
Cutter, Commodore ES64 module, Commodore Plotter 1520,
Commodore Music Maker, Modem for C64 (B) and Monitor 1702.

type computer
country USA
year 1982
os Commodore Basic V2
cpu MOS 6510, latest MOS 8500
speed 0.985 MHz (PAL), 1.02 MHZ (NTSC)
ram 64 KB
rom 20 KB
graphic 320×200
colors 16
sound 3 voices, 9 octaves
ports RS323c, serial port for printer and disk drive,
cartridge port, two joysticks, tape drive