Commodore Amiga 4000/30


I have two main units, two keyboards, two mise, Commodore 1084s
monitor, Microvitec Series 12 Multisync monitor, The Burst Enectronics
Model VMF-2 Video Mixer/Fader and  Great Valley Product G-lock.


type computer
country USA
year 1993
os Workbench 3.0
cpu 32-bit Motorola MC68EC030, MC68882
speed 25 MHz
ram 4 MB
rom 512 kB
hd 120MB
disk 880kB
cd yes (option)
graphic 320 x 256 (32) + many
colors 4096
sound 4 voice 8 bit pcm
ports 2* joysticks, serial, centronics, stereo, RGB, disk, SCSI, keyboard,
Amiga 200 CPU -bus and 4* Amiga Zorro II/III bus Commodore Amiga 4000 030