Spectravideo SVI 328 mkII



I have seven SVI328mkII main units (one CIB), seven power adapters, three
expander SVI-605, Super Expander SV-601 (CIB), SV-806 80 column video
board, six tape drives SV-904, Philips CM 8524 monitor, three  SV-802 Centronic
interface, SV-205 Centronics cable (CIB), SV-803 16K ram expansion (CIB),
SV-807 64K ram expansion, SV-805 RS 323 Interface (CIB), printer SV-901,
joystick SV-103, joystick SV318-101, two joystick SVI318-102, five joysticks
QuickShotII QS-111, two Mini expander sv-602, Canon mouse, SVI 105 graphic
table, two MSX game adapter SVI-606, Spectravideo robot arm SVI-2000,
Spectravideo QuickShot I joystick and Game adapter SV-603.


type computer
country USA
year 1984
os SV Microsoft Basic 1.1, CP/M
cpu Zilog Z80 a
speed 3.6 MHz
ram 80 KB
vram 16 KB
rom 32 KB
graphic 256 x 192
colors 16
sound 3 channels, 8 octaves
ports centronics, rs232c, rgb, tape, joystick (2), cartridge, rf