I collect and store everything possible related to old computers and gaming machines. There are some devices and items I have hunted throughout my collection history and getting such a device into the collection is a big deal. Countless devices have been removed from the list and new ones have been listed. I originally collected the computers featured in MikroBitti magazine (since 1984). In recent years, the guide has been The Encyclopedia of Game.Machines (Consoles, handhels & home computers 1972-2005). Below is a list of machines I don’t have compared to the book. Many machines are still missing, but I have 95% of the machines in the guide :).

Spectravideo 318 mark II
Spectravideo SVI 838 X’Press 16
Atari TT030
Atari 800XE
Commodore Pet
Sega SG-1000
Sega SG-1000 II
Sega Mark III
Sega Genesis 2
Nintendo iQue
Apple I:)
Apple IIgs
Apple III
Apple Lisa
Apple simpukka iBook
Apple iPhone ensimmäinen versio (CIB)
Sinclair ZX-80
Colour Genie
New Brain
IBM Portable 5155
Panasonic Q
Philips G7200
Magnavox Odyssey Run One
NEC PC-8001
Mattel Intellivision II
Milton Bradley Microvision
Osborne 1
Coleco Adam
Acorn BBC
VTech Creativision
Sharp X1
Epoch Super Cassettevision
Sharp X68000
Sharp Twin Famicom
Fujitsu FM Towns
Nintendo Super Famicom jr
Nintendo TV-Game

AppleDesing Power (M6082) kaiuttimet
Nintendo Family Computer Disk System
Nintendo Faily Computer 3D
Konami NES LaserScope

Manuals, instructions:
Sinclair ZX Spectrum +2 128K User’s manual
Data I/O A13-05 testauslaitteen User’s manual tms
Nintendo G&W Tabletop Popeye ohjekirja