I collect and store everything possible related to old computers and gaming machines. There are some devices and items I have hunted throughout my collection history and getting such a device into the collection is a big deal. Countless devices have been removed from the list and new ones have been listed. I originally collected the computers featured in MikroBitti magazine (since 1984). In recent years, the guide has been The Encyclopedia of Game.Machines (Consoles, handhels & home computers 1972-2005). Below is a list of machines I don’t have compared to the book. Many machines are still missing, but I have 95% of the machines in the guide :).

Spectravideo 318 mark II
Spectravideo SVI 838 X’Press 16
Atari TT030
Atari 800XE
Commodore Pet
Sega SG-1000
Sega SG-1000 II
Sega Mark III
Sega Genesis 2
Nintendo iQue
Apple I:)
Apple IIgs
Apple III
Apple Lisa
Apple simpukka iBook
Apple iPhone ensimmäinen versio (CIB)
Sinclair ZX-80
Colour Genie
New Brain
IBM Portable 5155
Panasonic Q
Philips G7200
Magnavox Odyssey Run One
NEC PC-8001
Mattel Intellivision II
Milton Bradley Microvision
Osborne 1
Coleco Adam
Acorn BBC
VTech Creativision
Sharp X1
Epoch Super Cassettevision
Sharp X68000
Sharp Twin Famicom
Fujitsu FM Towns
Nintendo Super Famicom jr
Nintendo TV-Game

AppleDesing Power (M6082) kaiuttimet
Nintendo Family Computer Disk System
Nintendo Faily Computer 3D
Konami NES LaserScope

Manuals, instructions:
Sinclair ZX Spectrum +2 128K User’s manual
Data I/O A13-05 testauslaitteen User’s manual tms
Nintendo G&W Tabletop Popeye ohjekirja

Commodore 64 game case and instructions (I have loose disk):
They Sold a Million 3
Terminator 2
Impossible Mission
Daley Thompson’s Olympic Challenge
Die Hard
Ghostbuster II
California Games
Star PawS
the Key to Maramon
BobsTerm Pro

Commodore 64 game tape and instructions (I have loose game case):
Little Computer People
Silent Service

Commodore 64 game disc and instructions (I have loose game case):
Ghosts’n Goblins
Green Beret
King Size
Batman the Movie

Commodore 64 game disc (I have loose game case and instructions):

Commodore 64 game cart and instructions (I have loose game case):
Sea Wolf

Commodore VIC20 game cart (I have loose game case and instructions):
Money Wars