Kirjoja ja manuaaleja

Lisätty mm seuraavat atk kirjat ja manuaalit:
IBM PC connection
RS-232 solution
RS-323 made easy: connectiong computers…
Modem und kommunikation
BASIC-80 and CP/M
CP/M und Wordstar
CP/M handbook
CP/M handboken med MP/M
CP/M assembly language programming
Using CP/M a self-teching guide
BitCom communications
Logitech PaintShow
Panasonic JB-3001 operating instructions
Panasonic JB-3000 BASIC utilities user’s guide
Serial communications
Kermit a file transfer protocol
TeleVideo TS801 installation and user’s guide
Nokia Mikromikko 3TT m215 käsikirja
Nokia ASC/AWS user’s reference manual
Panasonic RL-H7000/H7000W BASIC reference guide

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