Sony PlayStation, PlayStation PS one


I have fifteen Playstations (one Playstation Value Pack CIB)
and five Playstation PS one (one CIB) main units, five power
adapters (ps one), many controllers, three dual force controllers,
Blazer controller, Dual force wheel, Playstation Panther V,
fighting stick, Dancing queen 2 ,PS mouse, Commander
controller, Performance Playstation Multi Player Adapter (CIB),
Wrist Rumbler (CIB), Official Dance Mat Controller (CIB) and
Beatmania (CIB)

type game console
country Japan
year 1994
os Playstation
cpu RISC R3000A 32bit
speed 33,8 MHz
ram 16 MB main, 4 MB OS
vram 8 MB
rom 4 MB
cd yes
graphic 640×200
colors 16,7 millions
sound 24 channels
ports two controllers, a/v out, paraller i/o, serial i/o, av multi out