Vuoden 2011 hankinnat

Nintendo Gamecube Gameboy player. PC Logitech Attack 3 joystick.

Nascom Microcomputers Nascom-2. Kiitos Antti Isännäinen lahjoituksesta, thanks to Antti Isännäinen.

Nascom 2

Kaypro 4. Kiitos Jukka Ylöstalolle lahjoituksesta, thanks to Jukka Ylöstalo.

Nintendo Gamecube game: Ghost recon 2, Scorpion king Rise of the Akkadian, Rainbow six lockdown, World soccer winning eleven (JPN) (CIB), Zelda twilight princess, Vexx, Harry Potter chamber of secrets, Resident evil, Super Mario sunshine, Spartan total warrior, Tony Hawk´s underground, Waverace bluestorm, Call of duty finest hour, Donald Duck, Spider-man, Ultimate Spider-man, Black & cruised, TY the Tasmanian tiger, Bionicle, Rogue ops, 007 Everything or nothing (all are CIB).

Nokia N-GAGE games: Spiderman 2, X-men legends, Puzzle bobble vs, Catan, Pathway to glory, Roots Gates of chaos, Crash nitro kart, Ghost recon jungle storm, Call of duty, Worms world party, Worms world party, Pandemonium, Splinter cell team stealth action, Fifa football 2004, Splinter cell chaos theory, Requiem of hell, MLB Slam, King of fighters extreme, Virtual tennis, Asphalt 2 urban gt, Tomb Raider, Tomb Raider, Atari masterpieces vol 1, Asphalt urban gt, Marcel Desaully pro soccer, Fifa football 2005, Operation shadow, System rush, Call of duty, Bomberman, Ashen, Puyo pop, Rayman 3, Sims bustin out, Red faction, Monkey ball, Puyo pop, Moto gp, Puzzle bobble vs, SonicN, Monkey ball (all are CIB), Colin Mcrae rally 2005, Colin Mcrae rally 2005 and Fifa football 2004 (all three are B).

Nokia N-GAGE games

Microsoft EasyBall.

Mitsubishi Trium Mondo.

Garmin iQue 3600.

Yashica YC-64 MSX.

Spectravideo SV-802 Centronic interface, SV-803 16K ram expansion, SV-807 64K ram expansion.

Sony PSP games: Echochrome, Motor storm arctic edge, Harry Potter ja liekehtivä pikari, Gran turismo and Power pack (all are CIB).

Watara Supervision.
Watara Supervisio game: John adventure

Nokia 6070, N73, 3110c, E66, E50-2, 6103, Nokia Mobira Talkman type ME59NR3

Spectravideo 328 mark II, Philips CM 8524 monitor, SVI 605 Super expander, SV 806 80 column video board. Manuals: SVI CP/M operationg system, SVI CP/M command summary, SV 902 disk basic user guide, SV 328 personal computer user’s manual, Hyödynnä WordStar, dBase II WordStar opas, Spectravideo opas, SV Games for your Spectravideo, CP/M User’s Guide, SV 328 Käyttäjän käsikirja, SV 806 8+ column video users’s manual, SVI 605 Super expander user’s manual, Spectravideo service technigal manual and Spectravideo maskinspråkmanual. Kiitos Kaija Tuunalle lahjoituksesta, thanks to Kaija Tuuna.

Telmac TMC 600AS and Salora TV. Kiitos Esko Osmiolle lahjoituksesta, thanks to Esko Osmio.

Telmac TMC 600AS

Atari 2600 (VCS-CX2600A) and two original joysticks.

Atari 2600 games: Mr. Do (LM), Derzerk, Motocross, Combat, Planet patrol, Space invaders, Fire fighter, Swordquest, jr pac-man, Trick shot, Atlantis, Pac-man, Moon patrol, Asteroids, Super-Ferrari, Kangaroo, Defender, Yars’ revenge, Demon attack, Starmaster, Jungle hunt, Labyrinth, Spider-man and Vom Himmel Durch die hölle (all are L).

Luxor ABC80, ABC80 monitor.

Luxor ABC80

Sony PS3 Playstation Move starter pack.

Sony Playstation 3 games: Where the wild thigs are, Stormrise (both CIB).

PC games: Brother bear, Finding Nemo, Lilo and Stitch, Stuart little 2, Dinosaurus and Franklin. I have 500 PC programs and games :). Kaypro manuals 29 pieces.

IBM Thinkpad 701CS ”butterfly”.

Apple Machintosh G3 (Blue & White).

HE system Ten no koe 2.

Activision TV games Atari 2600.

Microsoft Xbox games: Buffy the vampire slayer, Constantine, Fable, Urbz: sims in the city, Series of unfortunate events, Pitfall, Sims 2, Alias, Lord of rings: the two towers (2), Burnout 3: take down, Big mutha trukers, Starsky & Huch, Voodoo Vince, Ice age 2, Teenage mutant ninja Turtles 3, TY the Tasmanian tiger 2, Spiden-man 2 (all are CIB).

Sony Playstation 2 games: Alone in the dark, Tony Hawk’s underground, Manhunt, Crash twinsanity and Battlefiled 2: modern combat(all are CIB).

Siclair Spectrum ZX81 and power adapter.

Sega Master Gear converter.

Sinclair ZX 16K ram.

Commodore ES64 module.

MikroMikko 3TT, Nokia monitor ADU14A and Nokia modem card VB 312-pc. Kiitos Jukka Ylöstalolle lahjoituksesta, thanks to Jukka Ylöstalo.

Nokia Mikromikko 3TT



Sony Playstation games: V-rally, Olympic games, Gran turismo (all are CIB), Duke nukem, Time crisis, Nagano winter olympics 98, Colin Mcrae rally, Tomb Raider III and Tomb Raider chronicles (all are B).

Apple Macintosh portable m5120.

Kaypro II. Kiitos Jukka Ylöstalolle lahjoituksesta, thanks to Jukka Ylöstalo.

Kaypro II

CP/M programs: Kaypro Profit plan, Kaypro Microsoft BASIC-80 (2), Kaypro Digital Research CBASIC, Kaypro CP/M v 2.2, Kaypro Uniform, Kaypro S.BASIC Compiler, Kaypro WordStar and Mailmerge, Kaypro dBASE II, Kaypro the Word Plus, Kaypro SuperCalc, kaypro Perfect calc, Kaypro Perfect Filer, Kaypro Perfect Writer and Speller (all are LM), Edito tekstinkäsittely v 0.1 and Turbo Pascal 3.0 (both are L).

Fujitsu Siemens Pocket LOOX 600.

Sony Playstation 2 game: Monster trux extreme (CIB).

PC games: Birth of America, Armed and dangerous, Second sight and Chariots of war (CIB).

Apple Macintosh games: Command & conquer 3, Tiger Woods PGA tour 08, Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix, Madden NFL 08, Need for speed carbon and 2142 battlefield (SW) (Intel) (DVD).

Nintendo Game boy Advance game: Monster inc (CIB).

Commodore 64 game: Swat (disk)(B).

Microsoft Xbox memory unit.

Microsoft Xbox RF unit.

Amiga 500, power adapter, disk drive, two TAC-2 joystics. Manuals: Commodore Amiga A500 user’s manual, Commodore Amiga A520 video adapter user’s manual, Amiga 2 Amiga basic, Commodore Amiga 500 käyttäjän opas. Games: Lotus turbo challenge 2, Rampart, Elvira II, Hugo, Harlequin, Special forces, Grand prix, Stardust, Race drivin, Civilization, Road Rash, Captain planet (all are LM), Formula ace, Supratools, Pool, Action fighter (all three are L). Kiitos Kari Valkamalle lahjoituksesta, thanks to Kari Valkama.

Nintendo Gamecube pearl white, controller, power adapter, Nintendo memory card 251, original box.

Nintendo Gamecube platinum, controller, power adapter, Nintendo memory card 251.

Nintendo Gamecube indigo and GameStop controller.

Nokia N-gage game:High seize (CIB).

Sony Playstation game: Street fighter 2 (B).

Nintendo Gamecube games: Eighteen wheeler and Need for speed underground (both are B).

PC Anir1 mouse controller.

MSX game: Sky jaguar (L).

Philips videopac+ games: Satelite attack, Race (both are CIB).

Nintendo Gameboy advance game: Dynasty warriors advance (SW).

Dragon 32 game: Cosmic invaders (L).

ION USB Discover guitar. Nokia modem 1200.

Apple Macintosh programs: WriteNow, Macsnap, QuickCam (all are LM), SuperPaint, CD-Rom for mac, Ultra paint, Freedom of press, PL series drive, deskwriter drivers (all are L).

Apple Macintosh games: Werewolf, Commanche 2, Civilization II (all are CIB).

DVD kids games: Katja (2), Tiny planets, Disney prinsessat, Disney Nalle Puh, Pixelina (all are CIB).