IBM ThinkPad TransNote


I have the main unit.


type computer
country USA
year 2001
os Windows 2000
cpu Intell Pentium III
speed  600 MHz
ram 64 MB
hd IDE 10MB
graphic 10.4″ TFT 800×600
colors true color
sound yes
ports Monitor, Centronics, rs323, two USB, Compact flash slot, PC card slot,
10/100 ethernet, microphone, headphone.


The IBM ThinkPad TransNote was not great success, but it was very
innovative laptop. TransNote is quite rare nowadays.
Thanks to Lenovo Finland for their donation!


IBM:n Thinkpad TransNote -kannettava oli todella innovatiivinen laite, mutta
ei menestynyt markkinoilla. TransNote on nykyään harvinainen.
Kiitos Suomen Lenovolle laitteen lahjoittamisesta!